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Hello, thanks for stopping by!

My name is Valerie, owner of Tooksie; I’m a London-native living in Michigan, USA.

As an avid shopper, I found it difficult to find trendy clothing without having to visit mainstream clothing stores. I loved boutique shopping when I lived in London and was so used to snapping up the latest fashion that didn’t have a designer label on it. So, since I was unable to find anything like this in the area that I live, this gave me the idea to open Tooksie to bring the boutique experience online to other women like myself, who like to wear trendy, unique fashions without just grabbing something off the hanger. In my experience, finding a great buy or unique piece at a boutique is much more fun than picking up a mass-produced item on the shelf!

So, check out our website, head over to our blog, and opt into our mailing list to get insight into what’s going on at Tooksie. We’ll update you on our new arrivals, get first dibs on discounts, market dates, and our monthly newsletter. Be sure that you follow us on social media!

At Tooksie, our merchandise is sourced from London, my hometown, the fashion capital of the world, had to throw that in! We only purchase stuff that we would wear ourselves, and we honestly love all that we wear – hope you love them too. So join us on our journey…